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DX Hiker CraigI spent much of my life in West Michigan, born and raised in Grand Rapids near the eastern shoreline of the Big Lake. There I learned to love and respect the natural world. For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed being outdoors... exploring the majesty and wonder of nature by way of the back roads and out-of-the-way paths seldom traveled. Though its power and fury were often felt, especially in Michigan's harsh winters and stormy springs, it was the quiet and tranquility within nature's beauty that captivated me from a very young age and made a lasting impression. Today nature continues to captivate me and I feel very fortunate to be living in Southwest Virginia now. There is a timeless, incorruptible magnificence in these surroundings. The rugged beauty and splendor of the Appalachian Mountains, it's diverse ecology and geology, offers a multitude of quality hiking adventures perhaps unequalled in any other area of the country. It is a hikers paradise!Craig at Pandapas Pond

DX Hiker was created to fully explore the diverse and wonderful hiking opportunities in and around western Virginia. It is a work in progress, so if you want to share your thoughts about any hikes that are not yet featured (or even those that are), please send me an email. As a reporter for LocalHikes.com, and in an effort not to duplicate those hikes here, most of the treks listed on the Index of Hikes page will open in a new window with my report on the LocalHikes web site.

The hikes described typically take place on trails, rather than on paved or highly manicured paths. Paved paths are great for touring cyclists or joggers, but in my mind, they are not the optimal locations for a true hiking experience. I believe that a great hike should take you away from the hustle and bustle of "civilization," providing a measure of solitude, an experience of being out in the wilderness.

Keep in mind that hike difficulty ratings such as easy, moderate, and strenuous are somewhat arbitrary. It really depends on an individual's ability and experience as well as the terrain one encounters. Some hikers climb even the steepest hills like mountain goats but then complain about their knees all the way down a grade. Others like flat hikes, or get hot and irritable in the sun, or every other possible variation. If you're an experienced hiker, I suggest you check out the maps and photos on the reports; you probably know what kind of hike you're looking for. For those who are new to hiking, try out a few short hikes and see what you like.

The reports on LocalHikes.com includes the following information:

  • Directions to the the trailhead, trail description, and other pertinent information.
  • A list of applicable guide books and Internet links related to the hike.
  • A topographical trail map of the hike and a highway map of the hike location.
  • Up to four photographs that best represent the hike.
  • Mileage is approximate, based upon GPS or the management agency.

I have hiked all of the trails listed on this site myself, and taken each photograph. Any mistakes are mine. If you come across errors and/or trail conditions that merit a change, or can fill in the blanks for any missing information (particularly plant identification and trail mileage), please e-mail me at craig@dxhiker.com. Also note that all content (including photos) is protected by copyright, and use of content is prohibited without consent.


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